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Self-care, Kindness and Mindfulness blog and shop

Welcome to my self-care and mindfulness blog and shop,

Modern life seems to pass by at a hundred miles an hour, and we are left trying to keep up. Forgetting to slow down and take time for essential maintenance and regular mot checks. It's not surprising with all the pressure to stay ahead and reach the next destination that so many of us lose track of the journey.

Practising mindfulness gives you the tools to become a master at navigating the stressful and savouring the spectacular.

Life's journey has lots of bumps in the road which we can't predict or avoid.  Looking after your soul, body and mind will not reveal a secret path to avoid all the potholes. However, it will change how mentally, emotionally and physically capable you are to react to obstacles in your way, leaving you more free to discover, enjoy and observe the world around you on your adventure when the road is clear.

Discover what mindfulness is and how it could help you by reading our introduction to mindfulness or read what the NHS say about it here.

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How It all started

I Spy a Simple life was born out of a trying period in my life.
Stress was something I rarely felt or experienced pre-thirties. It was just a word to describe a bad day or a task I didn't particularly feel like undertaking. The second I turned the big three-zero, it was as if I had opened a big gift box packed full of little stress packages ready to surprise me over the years to follow. Infertility, IVFT, Two house moves, one house renovation, Two pregancies/births and a husband going through a midlife crisis, nearly led me to reach full emotional and mental burnout. I was left feeling exhausted, stressed, and a little bit lost. It seemed like life was just survival from one day to the next.

Read more about our search for a simple, stress free life here

I discovered and started to practice mindfulness and selfcare. Making time for myself with two pre-school children was hard but necessary. Slowly, I felt like I was piecing myself back together. Each day I felt more positive, less stressed, less anxious and more energetic. Through mindfulness and meditation, I invited moments of calm into my days and found balance in my life.

My passion for mindfulness, kindness and self-care has just grown. I realised I needed to do something to satisfy the creative side of my mind and soul, to share my passion, knowledge and favourite products with the world.

I Spy A Simple Life started its journey as a family lifestyle blog but has since evolved. Now I Spy A Simple Life is the number one shop for mindfulness, wellness and self-care products and gifts. Our headquarters is just minutes from where we live above the workshop on a busy working farm in rural Nottinghamshire. It is perfectly imperfect, authentic and rustic, and I get a little glow every time I go into work. My business is an extension of me and a lifestyle choice. While making money is a necessity, it is not our priority. We pride ourselves on being different, transparent, honest and kind.

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 Postage and shipping

We love the environment and try to do as much as possible to reduce our footprint and waste. We don't use any plastic in our packaging and try to reuse what we can. Lots of our items our posted directly from the manufacturer to reduce  production waste and transportation emissions. To find out more about our postage policies click here