About Us


I Spy a Simple life was born out of a trying period of time in my life. I was left feeling exhausted, stressed and a little bit lost. It seemed like life was just survival from one day to the next. I started practicing mindfulness regularly and making time for myself when ever possible, even if it was just five minutes alone with a cup of herbal tea. Slowly I felt like I was piecing myself back together and each day I felt more positive, less stressed, less anxious and more energetic. 

My passion for mindfulness, kindness and selfcare has just grown and I realised I needed to do something to satisfy the creative side of my mind and soul, to share my passion, knowledge and favourite products with the world.

I Spy A Simple Life started its journey as a family lifestyle blog but has evolved into the number one shop for mindfulness, wellness and selfcare products and gifts. Our head quarters is just minutes from where we live  above the workshop on a busy working farm in rural Nottinghamshire. It is perfectly imperfect, authentic and rustic and I get a little glow every time I go into work. My business is an extension of me and a lifestyle choice. While making money is a necessity to keep going and to live it is not our priority  We pride ourselves on being different, transparent, honest and kind. As a business we strive to be as eco friendly as possible. All packaging and postal materials that we use in store will be plastic free and where possible reusable or recyclable. Some items (clearly listed) are shipped directly from manufacturers so we can not guarantee the packaging they use. While this is not ideal the reason for choosing these third party manufacturers is to reduce waste by not over ordering items in bulk and reducing emissions transporting to us. We are always looking to source new, more eco friendly products and find other ways within our business to reduce our footprint. Rest assured we are on our case and will continue to make eco changes where ever possible. Any suggestions and ideas are always welcomed.