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Cork Yoga Mat Natural, Biodegradable and double sided - I Spy A Simple Life
Cork Yoga Mat Natural, Biodegradable and double sided - I Spy A Simple Life

Cork Eco Yoga Mat Natural, Biodegradable and double sided

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Cork Eco Yoga Mat Non-slip, biodegradable and sustainable. 

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which focuses on strength, balance and breathing. Regular practice of yoga boosts physical and mental wellbeing.

We are so excited to finally be stocking these Eco-friendly cork yoga mats.  Quite simply the best yoga mats around. The natural cork surface is not just biodegradable but it is also anti-bacterial and non-slip as well. 

These soul satisfying cork yoga mats are created using a blend of natural and recycled cork for the top layer and a natural rubber backing attached using non toxic adhesive to the back.

Why A Cork Yoga Mat?

Cork has natural antimicrobial properties which repels mould and mildew. It also kills bacteria, germs and keeps nasty odours away. So this wonderful little mat basically cleans itself. It is natural, sustainable and biodegradable.  Cork actually becomes more grippier when wet so no worries about sweating while you work out.


  • Biodegradable, sustainable and natural.
  • Good for mind, body and soul with no nasty chemicals, metals or toxins.
  • Double sided with both the cork and rubber side being suitable to practice on. 
  • Super kind to joints with superior cushioning.
  • Lays flat and does not bunch and slide.
  • Free yoga carry straps included.
Size - 183 X 61 X 4mm