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Loose leaf Tea - Detox Morning Boost - I Spy A Simple Life
Loose leaf Tea - Detox Morning Boost - I Spy A Simple Life
Loose Herbal Tea - Detox Morning Boost - I Spy A Simple Life

Morning Detox Loose Leaf Tea Blend

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Herbal tea is my happy place. I love the ritual of making loose leaf tea and the moment of peace and quiet I allow myself to drink it.  But loose herbal teas are not just delicious there are also many health benefits associated with drinking them. 

Mate Green & Blackberry Leaves 

Prepare for the day ahead with this expertly blended loose herbal tea. Created with a delicate balance of energy-boosting, body-fuelling leaves such as mate green, nettle and dandelion, which are ideal for helping you loose weight and rise, as well as shine each day. 

  • Full of natural weight loss ingredients, packed full of antioxidants.
  • Kick starts your metabolism, boosting energy levels.
  • Promotes healthy weight loss and enhances mental clarity.
  • Cleanses the body of toxins and helps to reduce bloating. 


1tsp 7-10 mins 100C

85g makes around 42 cups of lovely loose leaf tea. 

Not just for the mornings this tea can be enjoyed morning and night and all through the day. 

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Green Tea China Mee, Mate green, Ginger, Nettle, Natural flavouring, White Tea Pai Mu Tan, Green Tea Darjeeling OP, China Oolong, Tulsi, Dandelion, Green Rooibos, Blackberry Leaves, Rose Petals. 

Does not contain Senna.