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Organic Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Pots & Cups

Organic Tea, Herbal Tea, Loose Leaf Tea we love them all at I Spy A Simple Life. 

Not only does herbal organic tea taste amazing it also has many wonderful health benefits. We have searched up and down the UK to bring you the best hand made organic teas we can find. Our criteria is always the same,  the best quality, organic ingredients, amazing taste, unique and healthy blends and ethical and eco-friendly practices and packaging.  

Its not all about the organic tea here though you cant have a good cup of tea without a cup,mug or a tea pot so we have sourced some beautiful tea related products to help you create a ritual out of making and drinking your special brew. So put the kettle on, take a moment, enjoy the process and relax with a hot cup of goodness in hand. 

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