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Mindfulness Colouring Book - Mike Dooley - I Spy A Simple Life

Notes From The Universe Mindful Colouring Book - Mike Dooley

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Mike Dooley, Best Selling Author has created a book to feed your soul. With uplifting and inspiring messages and art work through out the pages you will awaken more than just your creativity. 

This is no ordinary colouring book - It is a unique tool that will inspire and empower you to embark on the journey you've always dreamed of.

On the pages within this very special book Mike has chosen some of the all-time most popular and empowering notes ever written and paired them with original, hand-drawn designs that beg to come alive with your own creative sharing. These images are now holding space for you to revel in the truth of your magnificence and oneness with source. As you lift pen or pencil, crayon or charcoal, paintbrush or markers to channel your higher-self , trust that you will receive exactly what you most need.

Happy colouring, Happy inspiration, Happy Everything!

Pages - 96