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Mum Verses The World

Don’t waste your time judging me.

Don’t think you know what you see.

Don’t make presumptions which are likely untrue.

Don’t judge me, I don’t judge you.


If you take a look through my window your eyes may paint you a scene,

A house upside down and messy which once was pristine.

You may find my kiddy sprinkles crying on the floor all alone,

It may appear my back is turned while I’m playing on my phone.

You could hear crying and shouting from them or me,

And you might see them abandoned watching tv.

Yes, the chances are we have dirty nappies just lying on the side,

the toys and mess on the floor look like debris washed in on the tide.

You will likely see naked children running around wild and free,

They might be covered in food, paint maybe even wee.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all you see,

That suddenly you know me and the full story.


If you look a bit harder or come back another day,

Things may appear in a very different way.

Like the fact I am actually working while I’m at home,

running a business and family from that mobile phone.

And when you saw my boy alone on the floor,

Did you not see I had gone to the medicine draw?

He sprouted a tooth which caused tears for him and for me,

We were up all night cuddling didn’t you see?

The mess in my house frustrates me every day,

But I’m limited for time and choose my children and play.

You see between working, feeding and developing my son and daughter,

I scarcely have time for anything even a simple cup of water.

The nappies on the side will likely stay there,

I get used to the smell so don’t really care.

When they are running around dirty, naked and free,

Did you not think it might have been just after tea?

I spent time I didn’t have preparing a nutritious and tasty dinner,

They made a mess but loved it don’t you think that’s a winner?

Did you catch a glimpse of my husband and me when we had that fight?

I bet you didn’t see us cuddling up on the sofa that night?

Remember there is a flip side to everything you think you know,

And equally a flipside to the positive things most people choose to show.

Only believe Half of everything you see,

You can never be sure of the full story.


So Don’t waste your time judging me.

Don’t think you know what you see.

Don’t make presumptions which are likely untrue.

In fact just stop concerning yourself with others and focus on you. 



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