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Best Eco Yoga Mat 2020

Yoga is an ancient practice which is good for the body, mind and soul. With so many amazing benefits it has taken off in the UK over the last few years.  To read more check out our previous post about 'the benefits of yoga' There are all sorts of yoga products out there to suit all budgets and tastes. But a lot of the mass produced yoga mats and equipment can be toxic and bad for the environment. 

This is my round up of the best Eco Yoga Mats, clothing, books and yoga equipment. 

One of the most important bits of yoga equipment has to be the yoga mat. My favourite is this cork yoga mat.

Biodegradable, non toxic and non slip are just a few of its highlights. But I love the natural feel and appearance of this mat as well. Natural and recycled cork for the top layer attached with non toxic adhesive to a backing of natural rubber. This eco-friendly yoga mat is also reversible. currently on sale for £33.00 (full price £49.50)

You can't do yoga without some comfortable and stylish yoga clothing.

We have chosen these gorgeous green leggings teamed up with this exclusively designed active, performance top. with green being my favourite colour I couldn't not feature these in my top few. 

Both are made to order which I love as it reduces production waste. I have personally tested both of these and love the fit. 

Best Yoga Book

To practice Yoga you need to either attend a course, watch a video or read a book. We prefer the good old fashioned paper version of learning here so this is my favourite little book of yoga. 

I love the size as it fits into a bag so you can always carry it with you. The information is really enlightening and easy to follow as well as beautifully designed. For me nothing beats reading a book with real pages. 

Not forgetting the little Yogis

Yoga for Children is growing in population due to its huge benefits. Calming and fun, yoga teachers children balance, coordination and regulation. I adore these yoga cards for children which make it fun and simple to follow. 


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