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The Best Way To Diffuse Essential oils

There are many different ways and techniques to enjoy the aroma and therapeutic benefits of essential oils. The most simple and common way to use them is to inhale the oils, which is usually done by diffusing the oils in your environment. The best way to diffuse essential oils is by using a room diffuser or atomiser. 

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Best Eco Yoga Mat 2020

Yoga is an ancient practice which is good for the body, mind and soul. With so many amazing benefits it has taken off in the UK over the last few years.  To read more check out our previous post about 'the benefits of yoga' There are all sorts of yoga products out there to suit all budgets and tastes. But a lot of the mass produced yoga mats and equipment can be toxic and bad for the environment.  This is my round up of the best Eco Yoga Mats, clothing, books and yoga equipment.  One of the most important bits of yoga equipment has to be the yoga mat. My favourite is this cork yoga mat. Biodegradable, non toxic and...

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Mum Verses The World

Don’t waste your time judging me. Don’t think you know what you see. Don’t make presumptions which are likely untrue. Don’t judge me, I don’t judge you.   If you take a look through my window your eyes may paint you a scene, A house upside down and messy which once was pristine. You may find my kiddy sprinkles crying on the floor all alone, It may appear my back is turned while I’m playing on my phone. You could hear crying and shouting from them or me, And you might see them abandoned watching tv. Yes, the chances are we have dirty nappies just lying on the side, the toys and mess on the floor look like debris washed...

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Practical Mindfulness For Busy Parents

Being a mother is a massive contradiction. It is amazing, fulfilling, hard and isolating, all at the same time. Some days you are winning and they are filled with joy, others you can barely function and just want to run away. It is spinning twenty plates with two hands and trying to prevent any from falling. This is where mindfulness comes in. A guide to practical mindfulness specifically for busy mothers who need help finding everyday coping mechanisms to thrive and not just survive at life. 

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Boost Immune System This Winter

Colder temperatures supress the immune system which is why cold and flu viruses thrive around winter time. If like most people those nasty bugs catch you and knock you out every year then read our natural tips to boost your immune system this winter.

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