family of four living the simple life

Searching for the simplicity in life

Do you ever feel like day to day life is a bit of a battle. like you want to enjoy every second with your family but work, chores and other demands just take up so much of your time. like there isn’t a second for yourself, your hobbies or even to just eat a chocolate bar in peace. Does it feel like life just isn’t making much sense and your craving the simplicity in life?

This is exactly how we have been feeling these last few years.

Hi, my name is Helen and I am a thirty something year old (thanks to sleep deprivation I honestly forget my exact age) mummy to two beautiful children and wife to Mr C.

We are on a mission to find the simplicity in life after it suddenly seemed a bit overwhelming and complicated.

In June 2018 we sold what was at one point our intended forever home. The big, old house we purchased less than three years before when I was thirty-six weeks pregnant with Eva. The place where both my babies were born. We are now living back with my mum while we renovate and extend a small house in the village I grew up in. The goal is to live mortgage free, to stress less and to live and love more.

A series of events led to a build up of stress and a breakdown in life. So Mr C is quitting his job after eighteen years in the police. We are taking over a small local business in the hope that this will give us more time as a family and for ourselves, a better balance.
I am writing this blog to share my ideas and experiences in parenthood, lifestyle choices and home. This blog is my diary about our search for the simplicity in life , an outlet for my stress of which we seem to be creating more of in our quest to reduce it.