5 Tips for a new mum to de-stress and get better sleep at night

5 Simple Tips for a new mum to de-stress and get better sleep at night

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A new mum goes through immense stress physically and emotionally. Their body goes through tremendous changes internally and externally. They need proper rest to recover.  However, sleep deprivation is the most common problem faced by new mums.

So here are a few very basic tips on how a new mum can de-stress and get better sleep.

Sleep when the baby sleeps – A new mum is always attending to the baby or some other task. They are feeding, comforting, playing or cleaning the baby twenty-four hours a day. Taking care of a baby is a round the clock job. Some mothers attend to household work when the baby is asleep. Try to avoid doing that to save your energy, take a time for yourself  or sleep when your baby is sleeping. Otherwise, you will end up sleep deprived, tired, and exhausted, and it will impact your physical and mental health. The house work will be still be there another day.

Distribute child and house care time equally with your Partner – Your partner is equally responsible for helping you out in taking care of your baby and the house. Distribute household chores among yourselves, take into account your partners working hours and work out a plan that suits you both. You both need rest and down time. Let your partner look after the baby while you catch up on a bit of sleep. It’s sometimes hard for a new mum to hand over the care of her new baby but your partner is more than capable and will most likely enjoy the time to bond with their baby.

Comfortable mattress – It is essential for new mums to sleep on a comfortable and firm mattress. It is critical to invest in a good mattress, to solve your sleeping problems. New mums go through enough trouble and stress. They have to wake up in the middle of the night whenever the child wakes up hungry. Hence, it becomes even more critical to have a good mattress, pillow and bed sheet, comforter or blankets to sleep comfortably when they do get the opportunity.

Using ear plugs – A newborn baby will cry a lot, especially at night time. The only communication they know is crying. But what a lot of new mums don’t realise is that they make a lot of other noises as well. Snuffling, snoring, grunting, chatting and laughing all whilst they are sound asleep. When a mum knows baby is ok but she can’t sleep through the noise of baby or partner snoring it might be a good idea to invest in a good pair of earplugs to protect her sanity. Use of Earplugs and listening to soft music are advised for all new parents and their family members to relax and soothe their mind.  

Meditation and yoga – A new mum should resort to meditation and yoga to calm herself down. The stress from crying, feeding, post delivery changes in the body and the physical changes can lead to anxiety and depression. It is important to take some time out to meditate and calm your mind. You can practice simple yoga asana or pose like observing your breathing pattern. Breathe in and breathe out while concentrating on every breath you take in and out. This yoga asana will calm and relax your mind.

A new mum goes through tremendous changes, physically and mentally. The care and love that a mum gives to their child, she should also give a little to herself. The parents should both help each other out and work as a team to make sure everyone is getting rest and time for self care. The new mum will feel better if they receive the support of her partner and family. It’s important that both parents go through this journey seamlessly, working together and not against each other. gen

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