How to Squeeze In A Quick Date Night At Home

date night at home

Short and simple ideas for a date night at home or out and about through the day

I recently wrote a guest blog post on simple ways to reconnect with your partner. Whilst writing it I realised how long it had been since me and my husband had a date night at home or anywhere for that matter. With all the changes to our new life since children, time and space is something we have very little of. So I have created a list of simple date ideas that you can enjoy at any time day or night and within a tight time frame. With a little bit of forward thinking, creativity and effort If you have a half hour or more while the kids go to school, sleep or nursery or even a lunch break at work you can bring the romance back and arrange a quick date for you and your partner.

1. Cinema or film night

If you have a couple of hours child free then catch a movie at the cinema. They are always dark and feel a bit exciting no matter if it is day or night. If you can’t make the cinema then wait until the kids are asleep and create your own movie night at home complete with popcorn and blankets.

date night at home

 2. Cook a meal or bake a cake

Breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you have to cook and eat anyway you might as well make an event of it. Spend a bit of time talking about your favourite foods and choosing recipes you would like to share. You can make this as simple or elaborate as you have time for. This is the perfect way to share a date night at home once the kids are asleep. Just light a few candles and play some soft music.

Date Night At Home

3. Give a massage

Physical touch is one of the easiest ways to connect with your partner. Why not create a mini spa at home. Again time will dictate how much effort you put into this but even exchanging a short massages with your partner can be a romantic way to share a bit of alone time. If you have more time then why not get face masks, give pedicures and just enjoy pampering each other.

date night at home

4. Play a game

I think this is my favourite. Nothing beats a good board game or playing cards. We are both competitive and really get immersed in games. If your more physical then book a tennis court, go bowling or kick a ball around. Just have fun and enjoy a bit of friendly banter together.

Date Night At Home

5. Book club for two

Read the same book and then spend time discussing it together. You can read cuddled up in each others company as part of your date or if you are limited to time read seperatly and come together to discuss your thoughts.

date night at home

6. Take a Walk

The best things in life are free. This would always be my number one activity to do with my husband. Weather permitting, I love nothing more than being outside hand in hand discussing our life, hopes and dreams. At one point pre-children this would be more of an all day hike taking in beautiful scenery and discovering local pubs to eat in en-route. But no matter where you live you are likely to have somewhere near by to take a short stroll together whatever time frames you have to work with.

Date Night At Home

7. Have a picnic

This can be squeezed into a really short window of time or added on to a nice morning’s walk. If your partner works locally why not arrange to surprise them in their lunch break and set up little picnic with their favourite foods.

Date Night At Home

8. Go for coffee

If you can’t quite squeeze in a lunch try meeting or going somewhere for a coffee and quick catch up. What’s more cosy than a hot drink, comfy chairs and good company?

Date Night At Home

9. Go to the gym/work out together

This one is possibly not the most romantic but if you are limited on time then working out together kills two birds with one stone. A gym session, run or home work out will all give you time to catch up and be in each other’s company. This is something I have implemented in our routines at least once a week. We have a pool and spa at our gym so after a workout we can relax together for half an hour in the pool, sauna and jacuzzi.

Date Night At Home


Sometimes a simple bit of effort such as lighting a candle or writing a sweet note is all it takes to turn a day to day event into something more romantic. So get creative with your time, think outside the box and enjoy being a couple and not just a parent.


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