Childbirth Humour – The after Glamour

Childbirth humour

Childbirth Humour

No more baby bump belly
Instead just stretch marks and a resemblance to jelly
Down below will never be the same
The 4th degree tearing made me lame
The bleeding and discharge for days on end
And the cramping of my uterus as it starts to mend
Giant maternity pads and disposable underwear.
The level of discomfort would make a saint swear
Crazy ass hormones and the baby blue days
As i walk around in a sleep deprived haze
My poor and swollen engorged chest
Smelly Milk drenched clothing is not the best
I’m no longer pregnant not that you can tell
Still in maternity clothes that don’t fit well
This is the after birth fun we mum’s go through
Brace yourself, deep breaths for your first post birth poo.

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